Teaching Interests                                                                

  • Strategic Management/Business Policy (incl. Business Model Innovation)
  • International Business, Global Strategy, International/Cross-cultural Management, Import-Export/Global Marketing, European Business
  • Business, Public Policy and Society
  • Issue Management, Crisis Communication
  • Corporate Sustainability

Teaching Philosophy                                                             

My teaching philosophy is to be learner-centered, starting with setting the learning goals that I want my class to achieve, in order to best design learning assessment tools second, and learning activities last.

The learning activities tend to be varied as I do not believe in having only one teaching technique such as lecturing, because students come with different learning styles and needs. The learning activities that I use typically include: lectures, class discussions of written case studies and videos, students’ oral presentations, in-class and online exercises, and simulations.

I view myself as a resource and motivational coach for my students, creating a non-threatening environment in the classroom and as much support as possible to maximize their learning. This support includes a high level of availability, approachability and online tools such web-based platforms (Blackboard, Moodle, Web-CT, Luminis) in order to post material and tools (such as exercises, PowerPoint slides, guidelines, online business simulation, etc).

On the topic of teaching, I cannot recommend enough reading Ken Bain’s What the Best College Teachers Do. This book really helped me enhance the learning experience for my students.

Teaching Experience (selection)                                           

> California State University, Monterey Bay (Summer 2015-):

  • Global Business (600 level, online MBA)
  • Graduate Seminar: Foreign Market Entry Strategies (500 level)
  • Global Marketing (400 level, BSBA)
  • International Business (300 level, BSBA)

> Temple University, Fox School of Business (F2013-Summer 2015):

  • Business Model Innovation (500 level: MBA, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management)
  • Senior IB Capstone: IB Practicum (400 level, BBA, IBA major)
  • Global Strategic Management (300 level, BBA, IBA major)
  • Global Entrepreneurship (300 level, BBA, IBA major)
  • Fundamentals of European Business (200 level, BBA, IBA major)

> Rouen Business School, France (2004-05 and F2012 – Spr 2013):

  • Strategic Management (600 level, MBA)
  • Strategic Management (500 level, Master’s in Management-MGE)
  • Business Simulation* (500 and 300 levels, Master’s in Management-MGE)
  • International Strategy (300 level, BSc in IB)

> St Mary’s College of CA (F2011 – Spr 2012):

  • Global Business Strategy (Trans-Global Executive MBA)
  • Business Strategy (MBA, EMBA)
  • International Business (Upper level UG course)
  • Strategic Management (Capstone Senior course)
  • “Food Matters: Debating Critically Food Issues” (January term College elective)

> Long Island University -CW Post campus, USA (F2008 – Spr 2011):

  • Business Policy (MBA)
  • Responsible Management (Senior Seminar)
  • Business Policy (Capstone Senior course)

> Ramapo College of NJ, USA (F2005 – Summer 2008):

  • Strategic Management (Capstone Senior course)
  • Fundamentals of IB (300 level)
  • Fund. of Importing & Exporting (300 level)
  • Business and Society (100 level)

> George Washington U., Study-Abroad in France (F2004):

  • Business and Society (300 level)

> Baruch College – City University of New York, USA (Summer 2004):

  • International Business Analysis (MBA)
  • Principles of International Business (300 level)

> Tulane U., Study-abroad in France (June 2000-04):

  • Introduction to International and European Business (300 level)

> Sciences Po, Paris, France (2001-05):

  • EU-level Lobbying* (Graduate elective, 600 level)
  • European Business* (Graduate elective, 500 level)
  • Introduction to International Business (200 level)
  • Business and Society: A Comparative Perspective (200 level)

> Marne-la-Vallée State U., France (1999-2004):

  • Strategic Management & IB in the Luxury Industries* (Graduate seminar, 500 level)
  • Public-Sector Management* (Graduate seminar, 500 level)
  • Strategic Management* (400 and 200 levels)
  • Principles of International Business* (300 level)
  • Business Simulation* (300 level)
  • Business Policy* (200 level)

(* = Courses followed by an asterisk were taught in French)